MRS Fast Track Scheme Webinar

Get the professional recognition you deserve – become an MRS Certified Member

“I see this process as a reminder of how important it is to adhere to the Code of Conduct and what is truly fundamental to our industry – quality and excellence. I hope to take the opportunity to refresh my knowledge, make new friends and contacts and continue to learn what I can from others with more experience than I do, both as practitioners and business owners.

As a business owner and employee of market researchers, I see it as critical that I am seen to embody the spirit and values of our largest industry body.”  
Chloe Fowler, CMRS, Razor Research

What’s it all about?

This free webinar will guide you through the Fast Track Scheme process including what you can expect at the interview, how to complete the application, and a presentation on the 12 benchmark standards for Certified Membership. 

“The process of applying has further invigorated my interest in research issues beyond my specialist niche, and I relish the prospect of Certified Membership providing further opportunities to contribute to the development of our profession”.

Joel Down, CMRS, Bell Pottinger