The Fast Track Scheme is aimed at individuals with at least seven years’ research–related experience at a senior level, who wish to become MRS Certified Members on the basis of their career profile. This is one of the 10 routes to Certified Membership.

It is strongly recommended that before you embark on completing the Fast Track application form you either:

1. Call Michelle Denslow on +44 (0)20 7566 1871, who will provide you with guidance related to your situation that will facilitate your application.

2. Watch the Webinar. This will guide you through the application process and explain the benchmark standards.  

An application requires:

1. Submission of all of the following:
  • Completed application form providing examples of relevant experience which meets the twelve benchmark standards (click through to Standards) for Certified Membership
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Current job description and organisation chart (if applicable)
  • Evidence of any degrees, relevant qualifications and /or membership of other relevant professional bodies
  • Letters of support from two referees, one of whom should be a MRS Certified Member
  • Administration fee – MRS Members £420 Non-Members £590 which includes the annual membership and joining fees. Successful applicants will be admitted directly as Certified Members of MRS (CMRS).
2.       Attendance at an Peer Review (held remotely via Zoom)

"I think professional standards and professional membership are a crucial part of our industry. I have long been an advocate of and active member of the MRS, attending and taking part in conferences over many years and helping run and sending delegate to MRS training sessions. I am very proud of the industry I work in and am fully committed to my own continuing improvement and development, as well as ensuring that the work we do continues to have resonance and impact for our clients.

In truth, I should have become a Certified MRS Member long before now, and am doing so because I feel it is important to be a full part of our professional body, and to demonstrate my commitment to the MRS and our industry."

Sinéad Jefferies, CMRS, Chair of MRS Board and senior insight consultant.

"Becoming a CMRS Member is significant recognition by the most respected professional body in the industry. It enables individuals to demonstrate a commitment to high quality research and the values of the MRS, and is the next milestone in the career in research."

David Bharier, CMRS, British Chamber of Commerce